Dr. Warshawski is pleased to provide a service to patients and professional colleagues. All fees quoted are within the guidelines provided by State/Provincial Medical Associations. If you have any questions as to the services provided, please contact Dr. Warshawski’s office. Thank you.

Appointment Requests $0.00
Required Information - Your name, telephone number, date and time of requested appointment as well as the reason for the appointment request.

General Information Request $60.00
This is for NON-URGENT requests for general information.

Prescription Renewal (no narcotics) $30.00
Required Information - Name and telephone number of your pharmacy. Medication, Strength, and Usage.

Time Off Work/School Form $30.00
This fee applies only to simple requests for signed notes suggesting time required off work for appointments or procedures. This does not apply to third party forms to be filled out by the doctor.

Certification of Fitness $30.00
Form completion only for summer camp, day care, air travel, etc.

Third Party Forms - Basic $56.00
This applies to basic third party forms (insurance forms, etc) documenting time away for medical procedures etc., where a detailed review of the medical chart is not required.

Third Party Forms - Complex $112.00
This fee applies to more complex insurance forms etc., where a detailed review of the chart is required in order to provide the required information. Our office will advise you if this fee applies to your request.